Why Hire a Private Editor?

For many authors, the path to publication is long and rocky. Hiring a private editor can get you over some of the bumps and maybe even get you to the finish line faster. But why, in these days of free information on the web, would anyone hire a private writing coach or pay for editorial services? Here are just a few of the reasons my clients have cited.

  • Learn-to-write articles are abstract. Private editing is concrete and deals with your specific story.
  • When you’re interested in switching genres, it helps to have a coach show you the way.
  • An experienced acquisitions editor understands how to evaluate a manuscript for publication. This is different from the way a critique group might view the same material.
  • Because of my teaching experience in both workshop and university settings, I can provide clear instruction in how to tackle manuscript problems. It’s not just about flagging a problem, but also about showing you how to fix it.

Want to learn more? Check out the pages for rates, bio, endorsements, and credits.

Please note: I am not accepting new clients unless they are direct referrals.


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